XO Hair Growth Stimulation in Columbus, OH

Comprehensive Hair Growth Results with Innovative Technology

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What Is XO Hair Growth Stimulation?

XO hair growth stimulation is a unique way to restore your hair growth. Exosomes, which carry essential information between the cells, are effortlessly infused into the follicle without needles using the unique DermoElectroPoration system, which opens channels using water into the dermis to infuse the skin with the nourishment and growth factors provided in these stem cell-derived information carriers. XO hair growth stimulation boosts growth and revives follicles by minimizing inflammation, and providing nutrients, protein, and growth factors to create an environment that is suited to hair growth. Exosomes also boost circulation, improving the delivery of oxygen to the follicles. With at least four sessions, clients can see immense outcomes!

The Benefits of XO Hair Growth Stimulation

XO hair growth stimulation has several benefits, including:

• Suitable for early-stage male or female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)
• Helps improve mild to moderate hair thinning
• Suitable for patients sensitive to surgery
• Naturally derived and regenerative
• Utilizes an FDA Approved alternative to needle-based injections
• Can treat permanent and temporary hair loss like that caused by childbirth and menopause
• Confidence boosting
• No blood draw required

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Am I A Candidate for XO Hair Growth Stimulation?

XO hair growth stimulation is suitable for most patients in the earlier stages of hair loss, as in before five years of consistent hair loss. We will conduct a consultation with you to ensure that this bioavailable solution is best for your individual case, discussing your medical history and goals. As it uses exosomes, we skip the blood draw to get more growth factors than we would with PRP, an effective way to ensure that you get the vital nutrition to your cells necessary for hair growth.

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What To Expect from XO Hair Growth Stimulation

Prepare for your session by washing and drying your hair, ensuring no products are applied. The 30 to 45-minute treatment is painless, thanks to the innovative injection-free system that infuses exosomes directly into the scalp. Patients are advised to leave the product on for an hour before washing. With a series of at least four sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart, early results can be observed within three months.

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