Liquid Microneedling

Experience the Benefits of Liquid Microneedling in Columbus, OH

Woman getting a liaquid microneedling treatment at MediZen Institute

What Does Liquid Microneedling Do?

Liquid microneedling is an eight-step process that takes about an hour to perform. The formulations containing the liquid microneedles are applied to the skin, with the proprietary microneedles penetrating within 5-10 seconds. These liquid microneedles help boost collagen production within the skin, gently triggering the body’s natural healing process for overall healthier, tighter, and more rejuvenated skin!

How Does it Work?

The secret behind liquid microneedling is manufacturer Beyond Miracles’ special Microspear® technology, which contains patented microneedles that are derived from freshwater-grown sponges. This unique and natural technology allows for painless channels to be created within the skin, allowing ingredients to penetrate while collagen production is increased for plump, dewy results.

Young woman getting liquid microneedling treatment at MediZen Institute

Who is a Candidate for Liquid Microneedling?

Liquid microneedling can be suitable for all skin types, whether you have acne, post-acne, oily skin, mature skin, or if you are dealing with texture and congestion. The Microspears® create healthy, unified skin, but you may not be an ideal candidate if you have particularly intolerant skin that suffers from rosacea or eczema. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions for your individual needs!

Cell story liquid microneedling set at MediZen Institute

Does Liquid Microneedling Hurt?

Liquid microneedling is not painful, just slightly sensitizing. You may feel a slight prick, but any sensations felt should be alleviated once the mask step and cryotherapy cooling sticks are applied.

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