Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Where is MediZen located?2022-09-13T17:02:39+00:00

MediZen Institute has two locations. Our primary location is at 6753 Longshore St, Dublin, OH 43017. Our second location is located in the Short North at 72 W 3rd Ave., Columbus, OH 43201.


What happens if I cancel or I no-show an appointment?2021-06-29T19:40:34+00:00

A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is cancelled less than 24hrs before the appointed time. A no-show is when you miss an appointment without cancelling. In either case, our system will charge a $99 missed appointment fee.

What are MediZen’s hours?2022-10-19T14:13:37+00:00

Our Dublin Bridge Park location is open for cosmetic injectable and treatment services from Wednesday through Saturday by appointment only. Book online to schedule.

MediZen Dublin Bridge Park Hours
Wednesday 10am – 7pm
Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm
Sunday to Tuesday- Closed

Our Short North location is open for cosmetic injectable services on Mondays from 9am-4pm and on Tuesdays from 9am-4pm by appointment only. Book online to schedule

MediZen Short North Hours
Monday – 9am – 4pm
Tuesday- 9am- 4pm
Wednesday to Sunday – Closed

Is a consultation mandatory?2021-06-29T19:38:07+00:00

Yes, all first-time appointments require a consultation prior to booking your treatment. The only exceptions are DiamondGlow and NuEra. This allows our MediZen team to meet with you and develop a personalized treatment plan.

If I cancel my consultation, is there a service charge/fee?2021-06-29T19:39:50+00:00

When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other clients. In order to be respectful of your fellow patients, please call our concierge at 614-266-9922 as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment.

If cancellation is necessary, we require that you call at least 24 hrs in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another client access to that appointment time. While consultations are free, you may be charged a $99 cancellation/no-show fee if you provide less than 24 hours notice that you are unable to attend your appointment. We value your time and we ask that you value ours in return.

I’ve had filler and Botox before. Why can’t I just book an appointment?2021-06-29T19:39:08+00:00

Here at MediZen, we do things a little bit differently. We take your journey with us seriously, and in order to provide you with the best possible outcomes, we believe in the power of a consultation. During these consultations, our world-renowned experts will have the opportunity to evaluate your unique anatomy, listen to your specific desires and review a treatment plan that will help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Does MediZen offer plastic surgery?2021-07-06T19:08:50+00:00

MediZen does not offer plastic surgery, but offers other great fat reduction options. 

Does MediZen offer group bookings or special events?2021-06-29T19:44:04+00:00

MediZen offers both group bookings and special events upon request. Contact us at info@medizeninstitute.com to inquire about Group Parties.

Can I schedule my consultation and first visit back to back?2021-06-29T19:37:11+00:00

The consultation is meant to provide you and your MediZen team with ample time to review your aesthetics/wellness goals and develop a treatment plan specifically addressing those goals. Should there be availability immediately following the consultation, you are more than welcomed to begin your treatment that same day.

Dermal Filler

How does filler treatment work?2021-06-29T17:39:50+00:00

Injectable fillers work by placing the hyaluronic acid underneath the skin strategically to help optimize results by adding support and volume in areas of volume depletion due to the aging process.

Does it hurt when the filler is injected? Will there be bruising?2021-06-29T17:40:35+00:00

We attempt to make filler as painless as possible by utilizing multiple techniques (i.e., numbing cream and injectable numbing), when necessary. Our goal is to always have a painless procedure.

How long does filler last?2021-06-29T17:40:52+00:00

Filler metabolism differs from individual to individual. Fillers usually will last between 6-12 months depending on which area filler is placed. 

How long until I see my results from filler?2021-06-29T17:41:17+00:00

You will see the results of your filler immediately. It takes about two weeks to fully heal from injections, and therefore your results will be optimal by this time.

How should I prepare for a filler treatment?2021-06-29T17:41:46+00:00

In preparation for your filler treatment, attempt to avoid alcohol and NSAIDs (i.e., ibuprofen, etc.) as these may increase bruising.

What must I avoid after filler treatment?2021-06-29T17:42:12+00:00

Avoid exercise within 24 hours of being treated with filler, kissing (after lip filler), as well as massaging of the filler.


When will I see my Botox results?2021-06-29T17:37:55+00:00

Depending on the product, results of your Botox treatment may take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to kick in. All wrinkle relaxers should be in full effect by two weeks.

What should I avoid after my Botox treatment?2021-06-29T17:38:50+00:00

After your Botox treatment, we suggest that you avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Additionally, we suggest avoiding laying down or wearing a headband for 2 to 4 hours, and massaging the area injected.

What is the downtime for Botox?2021-06-29T17:38:23+00:00

There is no downtime for wrinkle relaxer treatments.

What are the most common areas treated with Botox?2021-06-29T17:35:44+00:00

The forehead, frown lines and crows feet are the most commonly treated areas for wrinkle relaxers. Other areas may be treated as well, such as the chin, “gummy smile” and upper lip to reveal more of the top lip when smiling.

How should I prepare for my Botox treatment?2021-06-29T17:39:21+00:00

We suggest that you avoid consuming alcohol and NSAIDs (i.e., ibuprofen, etc.) prior to your Botox treatment, as these may increase your risk of bruising. 

How long do Botox results last?2021-06-29T17:36:18+00:00

The results of Botox last 90 days.

Does Botox hurt?2021-06-29T17:36:59+00:00

Botox treatments are incredibly quick and mostly painless.


What is Kybella?2021-06-24T22:27:33+00:00

Kybella is an injectable that results in permanent fat removal!

What happens during a Kybella treatment?2021-06-29T17:32:06+00:00

During your Kybella treatment one of our trained injectors will utilize a needle and syringe to strategically place the fat removing enzyme into your subcutaneous fat tissue.

What can I expect from my Kybella treatment?2021-06-29T17:26:53+00:00

You may experience slight discomfort immediately after your Kybella treatment that subsides within about 5 minutes. You may be tender and swollen for 1-2 weeks, but will return back to baseline shortly thereafter. 

What are the pros and cons of Kybella?2021-06-29T17:32:56+00:00

The pros of Kybella are permanent fat removal.

The con of Kybella is downtime, which can last a while and can be uncomfortable. All clients should expect swelling in the treated area, with the swelling being most dramatic in the first 3 days after the first procedure.

Is Kybella safe?2021-06-24T22:38:25+00:00

There are always risks with any procedure, which is why we have highly qualified staff who inject with extreme caution and confidence.

How many Kybella treatments will I need?2021-06-29T17:33:27+00:00

The number of Kybella treatments vary by individual and area treated. On average it takes a minimum of 2 treatments to appreciate any results. Treatments are performed 4 to 8 weeks apart.

How long will my Kybella results last?2021-06-29T17:25:20+00:00

Kybella results are permanent. The improvement in the submental area is very long lasting and re-treatment is not expected.

PDO Threads

What areas can the thread lift be used on?2021-06-29T17:43:27+00:00

PDO thread lifts can be used on the cheeks, jawline, neck, and eyebrows.

How long does a thread lift take?2021-06-29T17:47:01+00:00

The PDO thread lift procedure itself takes about 45 minutes total with numbing included.

Am I a good candidate for PDO threads?2021-06-29T17:48:48+00:00

Anyone inquiring about a PDO lift should come in for a free consultation to determine if it is the best option for you. 

Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling

What is the downtime for RF microneedling?2021-06-29T17:57:28+00:00

The downtime for RF microneedling is minimal. You may have redness for up to a week and the most intense redness will last only 24 hours. After 24 hours you will see significant improvement in the proceeding days.

What is the difference between regular microneedling and RF microneedling?2021-06-29T17:53:18+00:00

Regular microneedling utilizes controlled skin injury to generate collagen and elastin production. The addition of radio frequency allows for energy to be delivered into the dermis, further encouraging collagen growth and skin tightening.

Is RF microneedling safe?2021-06-29T17:56:37+00:00

Yes, RF microneedling is safe, as our staff conducts a thorough assessment to determine if there would be any contraindications prior to treatment.

How many treatments of RF microneedling will I need?2021-06-29T17:55:40+00:00

At MediZen we recommend a minimum of three treatments of RF microneedling.

How does RF microneedling work?2021-06-29T17:51:44+00:00

RF microneedling is a combination of radio frequency alongside controlled skin injury to help bring about collagen and elastin production to help with overall skin rejuvenation.

Am I a good candidate for RF microneedling?2021-06-29T17:54:30+00:00

A good candidate for RF microneedling would be anyone interested in skin rejuvenation, skin tightening or texture improvement.

Laser Rejuvenation – IPL Photofacial

What are the benefits of IPL Photofacial treatment?2021-06-29T19:57:07+00:00

The IPL Photofacial helps to even overall skin tone by reducing spots, uneven pigmentation, and reducing redness caused by rosacea. The IPL will also help to stimulate dermal collagen with additional treatments.

Is IPL Photofacial treatment painful?2021-06-29T19:54:24+00:00

Clients describe the feeling of the IPL pulse as a quick and gentle elastic band snap or short pinprick.

Is IPL Photofacial safe?2021-06-29T19:52:32+00:00

Yes, IPL Photofacial is safe. At MediZen a certified, experienced technician will perform your IPL Photofacial therapy, resulting in a safe and effective treatment. 

How does IPL Photofacial work?2021-06-29T19:50:56+00:00

IPL, intense pulse light, is beams of light filtered through different wavelengths. The pulses of light target pigmentation in the skin (brown and dark spots) as well as vascular irregularities to improve your overall skin tone.

Laser Rejuvenation – Resurfx

How much downtime is there with Resurfx?2021-06-29T20:00:29+00:00

The downtime from Resurfx varies from person to person. Redness may last up to a week. Swelling and sensitivity may last up to 5 days, depending on the severity of your treatment. Cold therapy is helpful (i.e., cold cloths, cool water to face).

What are the pros and cons of Resurfx?2021-06-29T19:59:46+00:00


  • Resurfx is a quick 15–30 minute procedure.
  • The Resurfx handpiece has a CoolScan scanner, which detects the temperature of the tissue to help prevent overheating and burns. It also offers continuous cooling, which makes the treatment more comfortable.  
  • Recovery from Resurfx is much shorter than most skin resurfacing lasers. 
  • Resurfx is able to treat all skin types. 


  • Resurfx downtime post-procedure could result in potential discomfort and itchiness during the healing process.
  • We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments of Resurfx spaced apart about 6 weeks to ensure optimum results.
What is Resurfx?2021-06-29T19:58:09+00:00

Resurfx is a laser facial that brings about collagen and elastin production through controlled tissue injury. The collagen and elastin production will help to smooth out skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, improve skin laxity and also fade acne scars or stretch marks.

Body Contouring – NuEra

Who should not get NuEra Tight?2021-06-29T20:14:41+00:00

Although NuEra Tight is generally considered a safe procedure, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Some of the people who are not good candidates for this procedure include:

  • Pregnant women.
  • People with active infections.
  • People who are heat-sensitive.
  • Anyone with new piercings and tattoos.
  • In addition, tell us before treatment if you have any metal implants, pacemakers, or injectable fillers.
  • NuEra Tight is a revolutionary new way to get rid of some of your trouble spots without the pain or long recovery of plastic surgery.
What can I expect from Lumenis NuEra Tight?2021-06-29T20:13:29+00:00

Lumenis NuEra Tight treatment is often described as a hot stone massage. The heat may be more intense at the beginning of the treatment, but lightens up very quickly after only a minute or two. The recovery process is extremely short. You may experience some redness for a few hours post-procedure, that fades very quickly.

What is Lumenis NuEra Tight?2021-06-29T20:12:32+00:00

Lumenis NuEra Tight is a treatment that helps to contour the body by destroying fat cells, reducing wrinkles and cellulite through the use of radiofrequency (RF) technology. Heat is transmitted to deeper layers of the skin helping to tighten through the production of collagen.

Exosomes Hair Rejuvenation

What are exosomes?2021-06-29T19:30:19+00:00

Exosomes are extruded mRNA protein packets that provide building blocks and instructions for cellular repair.

How does Exosomes Hair Restoration work?2021-06-29T19:31:33+00:00

Exosomes Hair Restoration is a regenerative therapy helps to stimulate hair follicles and trigger new hair growth.

Am I a good candidate for Exosomes Hair Restoration?2021-06-29T19:34:24+00:00

Exosomes Hair Restoration treatment is highly effective for both men and women. You may be a candidate for Exosomes Hair Rejuvenation therapy if your hair is thinning, have progressive hair loss, are in the early stages of hair loss, are looking for a natural, non-surgical restoration to what your hair thickness once was, or have tried other hair regrowth options previously without success.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Taylor TackettTaylor Tackett
12:16 05 Aug 22
This was hands down the best facial I have ever received. I have been to other Biologique Recherche spas in Manhattan, but nothing has compared to the experience I had at MediZen.My aesthetician, Morgan, has set the bar high for what good looks like. Her customized approach, deep knowledge, and passion for achieving results for her clients is unparalleled.I will only be going here for my facials moving forward. I have fully been converted!
Alina TsirlinaAlina Tsirlina
13:37 24 Jun 22
You feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door and are greeted by a friendly face and step into a warm inviting office. The services offered at Medizen from facials to injections, lasers etc are all the best in the business. You walk out knowing they want to help you feel and look like your best self!Dr. Maggie is truly one of a kind!! She’s extremely knowledgeable, personable and will take the time to make sure you understand the process and makes sure you’re comfortable the entire time. She is very meticulous and her passion for her work shows through every movement.Chalie is a nurse practitioner who is also extremely talented, knowledgeable and one of the sweetest most genuine women I’ve met. I cannot be happier with my results and care at Medizen!! I cannot recommend them enough. I’m moving out of state and coming back in a few months to see them, won’t have anyone else touch my face :))Also.. check out biologique recherche skin care, changed my life!!!
Celeste ReamerCeleste Reamer
20:17 20 Jun 21
I went to MediZen for my very first lip augmentation and my only regret is not going sooner! The staff at MediZen are all so kind, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Everyone made me feel amazing and comfortable. Dr. Maggie explained everything they were doing step by step and why it will be beneficial. Emily truly did such an amazing job on my lips! I can’t wait to come back!
Kristen ParkerKristen Parker
15:03 03 Jun 21
Dr. Maggie and her staff make you feel amazing from the minute you walk in the door. The care and expertise Dr. Maggie has is first class. She is an expert, able to combine science, vision and art for maximal results. She is all around an amazing physician and beautiful person. I look forward to a continued relationship with her and the professionals she works with. Thank you all for always giving stellar care.
23:20 01 Jun 21
MediZen is the most amazing medical spa in Columbus. Dr Maggie does exceptional work and always makes me look & feel like a 10! She’s detail oriented, always takes her time with injections, explains in detail the procedures & is always joyful with her work. I will never trust anyone else with my face. Hands down, this is the place to go for aesthetics!!!
Abbey WolfeAbbey Wolfe
18:21 17 Apr 23
Medizen delivers the best expertise and results I have ever experienced from consult to service experience. Maggie is expertly trained in Europe +around the world and her knowledge on anatomy and product is top tier. You are in the best of hands with injections and facials whether you go to her or her staff, they’re all amazing! And I truly think the BR skincare line is the best there is.
Kirsten TudorKirsten Tudor
17:06 23 Feb 23
The entire staff at MediZen was so welcoming and kind. Dianna was so wonderful at making sure that I understood all of the components along with the who, what, and where’s of every service I was receiving. I was incredibly nervous as I had never done anything like this before, but she took her time and asked several times over if I was comfortable and okay. Her smile makes it easy to relax.I’m so glad I didn’t go somewhere else and am incredibly thrilled with my results. Today is Day 2, and I have zero bruising or marks. You can’t even tell I had anything ‘done’ and I had over 20+ needles in my face. Genuinely so happy.Would absolutely recommend!
Kara RobbKara Robb
21:43 12 Dec 22
This place is so well thought out, from the beautiful design of the space to the comfy chairs and private rooms. The staff is beyond helpful and knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions you may have, and to make you feel comfortable. I’ve been several times now and will continue to utilize their services and products, including the P50 lotion, which is really clearing up my complexion. All around Medizen is a 5 star institute.
melissa killenmelissa killen
20:05 03 Oct 22
Top Tier Aesthetics! Engulfed in luxury from the moment you walk through the front door. Staff is super professional and welcoming! Most relaxing facial I’ve ever had! If you want to look beautiful and be pampered in a relaxing environment- THIS IS YOUR PLACE!
Mr. & Mrs. SmithMr. & Mrs. Smith
01:10 30 Sep 22
I highly recommend Medizen!The amazing team made me feel welcome and comfortable from my first steps in the door. They helped me get checked in and settled and even brought me sparkling water while I waited.Dr. Maggie was wonderful. She listens carefully to your concerns, she assesses the problem areas and develops a plan WITH you to help you be your best. She tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear- she is honest and truly is an aesthetics artist. She is meticulous, pays strong attention to details and is very skillful. The gentle changes she made helped me look more awake, brighter and gave me just enough youthfulness without changing how I look.Friends commented I looked well rested, well moisturized and like I had just returned from a relaxing vacation!I had zero downtime. Not one single bruise or mark was visible the next day. After 30+ needle pokes- I expected something to bruise or show- not one. Not one single mark. Shhhh my little secret! 🥰 Facial rejuvenation and mini lip rejuvenation. ❤️Medizen is THE place.Dr. Maggie and her team are THE team.
Michelle ZemskovMichelle Zemskov
23:32 29 Sep 22
Medizen is more than just an aesthetic service, it’s an entire experience. From the moment you walk in the door, the customer service is unmatched. I get facials & all my facial filler needs in one spot! I have had the best services here and I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my face. Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else!
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