Intense Pulsed Light in Columbus, OH

Revitalize Your Skin with the Power of Light

Woman undergoing intense pulsed light treatment at MediZen Institute

What Is Intense Pulsed Light?

IPL uses intense light energy in short pulses to repair skin damage. This technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, proteins crucial for skin integrity, which diminish due to age, pollution, and other factors. IPL rejuvenates your skin’s elasticity and firmness through your body’s natural healing processes at a cellular level, promoting continuous cellular renewal for a refreshed appearance.

The Benefits of Intense Pulsed Light

IPL can treat a range of conditions, from vascular lesions and visible signs of aging to inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Benefits of IPL include:

• Suitable for sensitive skin and various skin tones
• Firms and tightens skin
• Comfortable, safe, and effective
• Customizable treatment versatility
• Results comparable to fractional skin laser resurfacing
• Smooths and evens out skin tone and texture
• Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
• Reduces hyperpigmentation
• Noninvasive, with potential to treat scars and stretch marks
• Applicable to the entire body and face
• Provides long-lasting, progressively improving results

Woman wearing protective glasses undergoing intense pulsed light treatment at MediZen Institute

Am I A Candidate for Intense Pulsed Light Therapy?

Most patients qualify for IPL treatment, especially as we use the advanced Stellar M22 device that’s specially designed for sensitive skin. If you’re dealing with stubborn skin issues, IPL can help! Our team will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you to ensure that IPL is the solution to your skin struggles, where we’ll create a treatment plan to ensure your results meet your goals.

Woman touching her face after intense pulsed light treatment

What To Expect from Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Please avoid sensitizing agents like vitamin A derivatives and chemical exfoliants prior to your appointment: we’ll give you more preparation instructions in consultation with us. Your appointment will start with us cleansing the treatment areas and applying a conducive gel: we’ll then use the device across the desired zones, tailoring the treatment as we go thanks to our technology’s customizability. The time this takes will vary depending on what we’re treating: after we’re finished, we’ll give you a cool pack. Please use SPF regularly after your treatment: most patients require several for optimal results, but you should start noticing improvements in the quality of your skin within the first two weeks after your appointment.

Why Choose MediZen Institute for Intense Pulsed Light Treatment?