Medical Weight Loss in Columbus, OH

Comprehensive Weight Management from Obesity Experts

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What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a type of weight loss management program that utilizes medications and other treatments to help patients reach their goal weight. At MediZen Institute, we identify numerous factors including those related to lifestyle to help patients create a comprehensive plan that seamlessly integrates into their day-to-day, so they can shed pounds and stay fit for life. We treat losing weight as a metabolic concern, which is often exacerbated by environmental factors, to ensure long-term success tailored for each unique patient and their respective physiology.

The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

There are numerous benefits to reaching a healthy and manageable weight for your body. Medical weight loss enables you to bypass the stigma and moral value often associated with weight loss to let yourself flourish. Benefits include:
• Comprehensive view of obesity as a metabolic disease enables long-term success
• Effortlessly lose weight over a set period of time
• Improved satiety helps you stay fuller for longer
• Lose anywhere from 15 to 25% of your body weight
• Advanced medications allow your body to do the work
• Supportive environment is conducive to results
• Health support ensures your wellbeing is prioritized
• Improved health outcomes like lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, joint concerns, and more are alleviated

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Our Medical Weight Loss Treatment Options


Semaglutide is a once-weekly injection that slows down digestion and lowers blood sugar to keep you fuller for longer. This helps your body reset how it digests and absorbs food: by acting upon a single hormone receptor in the brain, it functionally enables you to lose up to 15% of your body weight.


Tirzepatide, like semaglutide, is a once-weekly injection. However, tirzepatide acts upon two hormone receptors in the brain, shortening the time it takes for food to pass through your gut, regulating blood sugar and keeping you satiated so you can lose up to 24% of your body weight.


Phentermine is a medication that helps suppress your appetite, allowing you to lose more weight. Long trusted for medical weight loss, phentermine has been proven to work and can be used alone or as part of a broader treatment for significant results.

Am I A Candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

If you have a BMI range of 25 to 30+, and you have been unsuccessful with conventional weight loss methods like diet and exercise, medical weight loss can help! We’ll have you come in for a thorough consultation where we’ll run labs and gain a full picture of your health to find a solution for you that suits your needs.

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What To Expect From Medical Weight Loss

During your consultation, we’ll have taken and run labs to ensure that your health is protected and monitored. We’ll administer your medication and give you advice throughout your weight loss journey, taking a comprehensive approach that utilizes both the most effective strategies in weight loss science and trusted medication to get you your results. Each individual is different, so the length of treatment varies depending on numerous factors. You’ll love your body inside and out after you’re finished!

Why Choose MediZen Institute for Medical Weight Loss?