Regarding skincare, two essential factors are hydration and moisture. I often overhear people using these interchangeably when they are quite different. Let’s dig into the differences between hydration and moisture.

You will need both hydration and moisture in your skincare routine, but your skin condition will determine how much of each you need. When talking about hydration, I’m referring to water on the skin’s surface and how well your skin retains moisture or loses water (known as transepidermal water loss). Dehydration is the most common skin condition we see during treatment, and whether you are oily or dry, you can suffer from this. Gel ADN SilkGen is perfect for an added burst of hydration – its formula is rich in silk proteins and DNA that intensely hydrate the skin without feeling heavy, making it great for oily skin as a moisturizer during summer and can be used as an emulsion before creams during colder weather to prevent water loss. If you’re dry, you’ll also love this; try mixing this into your cream and then apply Serum Tewl to seal everything in. Hydration is essential for all skin instants to stay balanced and inflammation free. 

Moisture is another important factor when looking at the skin and refers to lipid or oil levels. The more oil you produce, the less you will need. However, using a moisturizer with enough lipids to keep your sebum levels balanced and prevent all the excellent hydration from evaporating in the air is still important. If you are dry, you’ll need to look for a rich cream like VG DERM, DERMO-RL, or Creme Masque Vernix and use SERUM TEWL as a booster for extra lipid protection (about six drops). You can either mix it into your cream or layer on after for more of a lipidic shield and added glow factor. Both of these products are incredible year-round but especially during the change of seasons and for travel. I hope this helps clarify the difference between hydration and moisture and which one you may need more of in your routine to help achieve your skin’s maximum comfort and hydration. 

Product recommendations:

Serum Tewl- Lipid-Replenishing, Protective, Repairing. This product can be mixed with creams for a boost of hydration or used at the end of your regimen as a lipid-replenishing, protective finishing serum.

Gel ADN SilkGen: Made with Salmon DNA and Silk Extract, this gel preserves the moisture level of the epidermis. It can be layered with other creams for more hydration or used alone as a lightweight moisturizer — ideal for men’s skin and skin exposed to hot climates. 

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