Weight Loss

We offer comprehensive weight-loss support and treatments plans including the analysis of secondary causes of obesity, prescriptive diet and exercise, and recommendations for related specializations. Accountability and clarity are what matters most, and MediZen is here for you.

We recognize that how you look on the outside directly impacts how you feel on the inside. Common concerns that bring clients in may include hormonal imbalances, infertility, and skin conditions that just don’t get better with changes to your diet. We also recognize that sometimes there is more to weight loss than just a number on a scale.

MediZen is owned and operated by world-leading experts on obesity. Dr. Elena Christofides, a board-certified endocrinologist, has authored numerous articles and book chapters on obesity and has given talks around the globe on wellness and nutrition management. Dr. Maggie Gasiorova is a board-certified obesity expert who trained at Harvard University and researched nutrition at the Mayo Clinic and Medical University of South Carolina.

Together, our team recognizes that wellness is more than how much you weigh. At MediZen, we offer comprehensive biometric wellness visits with our expertly trained doctors and certified nurse practitioners.

We use validated tools including comprehensive lab work, personalized supplement recommendations, and continuous glucose monitoring to see how your body reacts to specific foods and exercise. We want you to feel good, not just look good.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Elena is always available to evaluate my concerns, review questions I have on supplements for my workouts, offer up-to-date advice on the latest fitness articles I see and generally manage my health. I am so grateful to have her in my corner.


I love that Dr. Elena is always willing to use the latest and best technology to help me perform and feel my best.


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