How long will the effects of ketamine treatment last?

The effects of treatment can last a few weeks up to months. After a series of treatments, some clients may remain symptom-free for extended period of time. This allows for booster treatments as often as is needed. This is typically determined by you, your mental health provider and our medical […]

How does Ketamine Therapy treat depression?

We administer ketamine in subanesthetic doses while monitored by qualified medical professionals. Activating the chandelier cells of the brain relieves the brain of obsessing over thoughts, feelings or emotions so that you can better process your mood and mental state without judgement.

What should I expect from Ketamine Therapy?

Patients will have a consultation with the medical provider prior to any treatment. Typically, Ketamine Therapy is conducted 1-2 times per week for several weeks.

Each session lasts several hours as the patient receives intramuscular injections by our certified medical staff.

Ketamine Therapy rooms are intentionally private and comfortable, with minimized external […]

What is the difference between ketamine and other psychedelics?

Psychedelics can generate powerful experiences, with deeply moving encounters. Ketamine, however, creates more of a general lifting experience, lightening emotional burden and enabling people to free themselves from their physical reality.

While ketamine relaxes chandelier cells in the brain, psychedelics stimulate pyramidal cells in a way that will override the grip […]

How do I know if I qualify for Ketamine Therapy?

You can schedule a visit to MediZen Institute to be evaluated by our medical professionals.  Our wellness CNP offers intake consultations to ensure that the prospective patient is a good candidate. In this consultation, we will review the process. The consultation fee is $275

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