Booking Instructions

1. Select the Service

Navigate the Services Dashboard in order to locate the service(s) you wish to book.

Want to quickly find a service or treatment? Type a key word into the Search Bar.

2. Select a Provider

Click the Provider Dropdown to see a list of available team members for the treatment(s) you selected. If you have a provider in mind, you may select that provider specifically. If not, select “Any Provider” to be shown the first available appointments.

3. Select the Date/Time

Use the Calendar feature to select the date and time for your appointment.

Please keep in mind that if your appointment requires numbing, you will need to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

4. Click the “Book Reservation” Button

Review the information on the page to confirm the service(s), provider(s) and date/time listed are all correct.

Once you are ready to book, click “Book Reservation” to continue the booking process.

5. Enter Appointment Notes

Here at MediZen our number one priority is creating a space that allows you to relax and feel like the best version of you. Utilize the Preferences text box to let your MediZen team know anything specific that would make your appointment more comfortable.

6. Acknowledge MediZen Policies

Click the Checkbox to acknowledge the MediZen booking policies, including the Late Cancellation and No Show policy.

7. Confirm your Booking

To complete the booking process, click the “Confirm Booking” button.

8. Fill Out Forms Prior to Appointment Time

Congratulations, you have successfully made your appointment with MediZen!

In order to make your appointment run efficiently, please fill out the listed forms and add a credit card to your profile prior to arrival.